The Pollywogs story began with its opening in November of 2007. As fate would have it, that wasn't the best time to introduce a new business venture but that wasn't about to stop us, Debbie Gans Morris and Sue Gans Curran. We were pursuing a dream, and a minor irritation looming on the horizon, like the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression wasn't going to deter our plans.

Our parents taught us to persevere, work hard, help & serve others, and be fiercely loyal to family. We grew up in a close knit family of six children. Sharing the same bedroom in this large family, it naturally followed that we would someday share a business together. We studied, had successful careers, and raised families of our own. As our own families grew and became more independent, we found ourselves developing an interest in starting a small business. We bring complimentary skills to our new venture; one has artistic and creative talent and the other a business mindset. Our mutual love for family and children led to the idea to pool our strengths and open a children's boutique offering unique clothing and accessories in a welcoming environment for children, parents and grandparents. Thus, Pollywogs was born.

In a short period of time we have created a loyal following that includes customers from all over who love the cheerful feel of the shop, the beautiful clothes, and the kind of service that people recall of a bygone era. We pride ourselves in working with our customers on a personal level and providing enhanced service. We stay in close contact with our customers letting them know when a favorite brand arrives or coordinating brother/sister outfits are available for a special occasion. This level of service is not available at the mall or at large department stores. In addition, Pollywogs offers a range of brands that appeal to customers who like traditional clothing, (Kissy Kissy, Bella Bliss, E-land and Carriage Boutiques ) to those who like more trendy brands, (Pink Chicken, Eliane & Lena and Tea) It is this combination of providing personal service and offering a range of fashion styles that truly makes shopping at Pollywogs a unique experience and keeps our customers coming back to shop again and again.

In 2009, the Needham Business Association awarded Pollywogs the distinguished "Thomas E. Caulfield, Customer Service Award." Local papers have selected Pollywogs as the best Children's Shop in the region for the past few years. Pollywogs reputation continues to grow and with the introduction of our website, we hope to build lasting relationships across this great country and beyond.

On any given day, you might find parents or grandparents shopping, browsing, or just stopping by to chat. It doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome and will receive a warm greeting and a lollipop.